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Cengage Unlimited

Cengage Unlimited Activation for Spring Students has begun! 


WCCC uses Cengage Unlimited for all of its textbooks. Students will not need to purchase any textbooks. Cengage is a one-year subscription cost that was included in your tuition and fees. 

New or Readmitted Students 

Students who were not enrolled in either the Summer or Fall of 2019 will need to be activated in Cengage Unlimited.  Information for this can be found in the eLearning classroom in MyWarren for each of your courses . You will find this by clicking on My Warren at the top of the home page for and entering your unique username (your college ID#) and  password given to you at registration.  You will then go to the tab called  "My Courses in eLearning"  tab and click on your course(s). Information will be posted to the Syllabus page. 

Returning Students 

If you took courses with WCCC in last summer or fall and activated your Cengage Unlimited subscription, then you are already familiar with Cengage.  You will just log in to your Cengage account and use the book code(s) provided in your syllabus for each course to select your new textbooks for fall.  Do not set up a new Cengage account.  Your current account still is active for one year from the date you initially set up your account.  The only thing you will need is the new course code(s), which will be unique to your class section. If your Cengage subscription is expiring, simply follow the directions for new students and your account will be reactivated. 

Information on activation and the course keys for your course is posted on the Syllabus page in the eLearning classrooms. You must use the activation codes in your Syllabus to activate your materials. 

Admissions Application
Students interested in attending Warren County Community College should complete one of the applications listed below.
    New Student Application  
Complete this New Student application if:
  • You are a new applicant to WCCC
  • You were a Senior Option student at WCCC and now wish to enroll in a degree program.
  • You were a Dual Enrollment student and now wish to enroll in a degree program.
    Re-Admit application  
Complete this Re-Admit application if:
  • You have attended WCCC previously as a credit seeking student

ID and Password Information

Students and prospective students (as well as employees) will have access to this site.  In order to view your pages (beyond the admissions information), you will have to enter both an ID and a password, which is e-mailed to students.  If you forget the initial password, you can request a new password.  A random number/letter password will be e-mailed to your e-mail on file.

Students should reset the WCCC default password once they enter the system.  You can do this under Personal Information at top right hand side of this page.

During the winter months, please be mindful that WCCC may announce delayed openings, early closings, full day closures or other campus-wide emergencies. Click on the  "Emergency Notification System" on the WCCC Home Page to subscribe to this service (RAVE ALERT) to send email and text alerts to your digital devices.  

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