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Summer Registration Now Open with Changes

We’ve made several changes to the Summer schedule. Here is what is different:


  • Summer Session A  courses were moved to an online format and folded into Session D (June 1st through July 24th)
  • Summer Session B dates were changed to July 6th through August 28th
  • Summer Session C dates were changed to July 16th through August 21st
  • Summer Session D remains June 1st through July 24th


Note: Evening courses were rescheduled to daytime hours; the College will not offer evening classes this summer.  Some courses were cancelled due to low enrollment.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause or disruption of your summer plans. Our primary concern is for the health, safety, and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff. We continue to be guided by our healthcare and government advisors in determining when it is in the best interest for us to reconvene in person.


Summer registration is open now and current students can register through MyWarren. Students who registered prior to these changes are still enrolled in the courses they choose (although some with different start and finish dates), with the exception of those classes that were cancelled. All previously/current registered summer students will be contacted this week by advisors in Student Services; please expect a telephone call and check your emails frequently.


Please check out your newly scheduled classes.

COVID-19 Updates Regarding the Remainder of the Spring 2020 Term

Hello Students,

Please know that your health and safety is our primary concern during these confusing times associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic. We want to assure you that your academic success here at the College is a priority and we wish to inform you of some decisions made today that will not only ensure that all students have the opportunity to complete their Spring semester coursework, but that students’ plans to graduate from Warren County College this Spring remains a reality.

Due to the societal restrictions, many unknowns, and out of a continued abundance of caution, we have decided to move all Spring semester courses to an online delivery only and to defer “on-campus” learning until June 1st. We do plan to run our summer course schedule; however, there is the possibility that Summer Session A will be offered online only. We will know more in the upcoming weeks, and will keep you informed of any changes.

We’ve also decided to defer the graduation ceremony to a late date, as necessary. We feel it is important enough to students to have a live, in-person ceremony rather than a virtual event. Even if our ceremony is rescheduled to a summer date, all students eligible for graduation this year will have their degrees conferred on the original planned graduation date of May 16, 2020, and you can get transcripts at the end of the semester.

We realize that many of you did not “sign up for” online learning and that moving to a technology based learning environment may be challenging for some. We want to reassure you that our awesome faculty have gone above and beyond to redesign their coursework to ensure that the delivery of course materials and facilitation of instruction is student-focused. In the upcoming days, your instructors will be reaching out through the eLearning classrooms to direct and inform you on how to get started if your classes are transitioning from “on-campus” to “online”.

Here are some important things to for you to know as well:

  • The date to withdraw from Spring 2020 classes has been deferred till April 30th, 2020.
  • The college campuses will remain closed to all services until at least April 26th. Our staff will be monitoring phone calls from home and students can email us at any time. We all continue to work full time from the safety of our homes.
  • Tutoring is still available from the ISC, but will be conducted remotely. In many cases, this will be virtual face-to-face. Email the ISC at to schedule an appointment. Students with existing/ongoing appointments will be contacted individually next week.
  • The Library will also continue to function remotely. Please visit the WCCC webpage ( and click on Library to access library services.
  • You can contact Jeremy Beeler in student services ( or leave a message for him at 908-835-2301.
  • Students with technology challenges should contact Dr. Marianne Van Deursen via email ( ) or leave a message at 908-835-2430. This is particularly important if you do not have a laptop at home or internet in your home. We will also be making follow-up phone calls as we know that some of you may not even see an email without technology.
  • If you need to reach the business office, please leave a message at 908-835-2328.
  • If you are having difficulty signing into systems, please contact IT support (

Stay healthy and know that we remain right alongside you as you continue on your journey with us here at WCCC.

 ~Dr. William Austin, College President and Dr. Marianne Van Deursen, Vice President of Academics

Admissions Application
Students interested in attending Warren County Community College should complete one of the applications listed below.
    New Student Application  
Complete this New Student application if:
  • You are a new applicant to WCCC
  • You were a Senior Option student at WCCC and now wish to enroll in a degree program.
  • You were a Dual Enrollment student and now wish to enroll in a degree program.
    Re-Admit application  
Complete this Re-Admit application if:
  • You have attended WCCC previously as a credit seeking student

Modified Grading Policy Spring 2020

Modified Grading Policy Spring 2020

Warren County Community College is taking measures to ensure that our entire college community stays healthy during the COVID-19 Pandemic. As we continue to deliver instruction and services remotely, we must consider the process for student grading and degree completion. We will institute the following modifications to our final grading policies for the Spring 2020 semester. These temporary changes are in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and its effect on how we deliver instruction and measure student performance.

Here is a summary of those changes:

  1. Students who attended classes through April 1st have the following options:
    1. If the student fails a course, they will automatically be assigned an Administrative Withdrawal grade (AW)
    2. If the student earns a D, C, or C+, they can request a “P” grade rather than a letter grade. The “P” Grade will be calculated similar as a transfer credit and not be calculated in the GPA
    3. A, B+, and B grades will remain the same
  1. Students who stopped attending before April 1st would receive an “XF” with the last date of attendance reported.
  2. At the end of the Spring 2020 semester, students will temporarily see the actual grades they have earned on their transcript.
  3. If letter grading adversely limits a student’s ability to meet the minimum GPA requirement for graduation, the College will waive the GPA requirement for graduation.
  4. These temporary changes will not negatively impact a student’s academic standing. Students who fail to improve their Academic Standing via their actual grade, will have the same Academic Standing as at the end of Fall 2019.


I know that many of you have expressed concerns about your grades this semester and the impact they may have on your academic record. Please be assured that these modifications mean the following: Your academic record can only improve or stay the same at the end of this semester; it cannot decline.



It is our hope that these modifications will minimize the concerns and stress that students are facing due to the transition to an all online delivery.

ID and Password Information

Students and prospective students (as well as employees) will have access to this site.  In order to view your pages (beyond the admissions information), you will have to enter both an ID and a password, which is e-mailed to students.  If you forget the initial password, you can request a new password.  A random number/letter password will be e-mailed to your e-mail on file.

Students should reset the WCCC default password once they enter the system.  You can do this under Personal Information at top right hand side of this page.

During the winter months, please be mindful that WCCC may announce delayed openings, early closings, full day closures or other campus-wide emergencies. Click on the  "Emergency Notification System" on the WCCC Home Page to subscribe to this service (RAVE ALERT) to send email and text alerts to your digital devices.  

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