Technology Update

Update as of 3/7/2023

Unauthorized access to computer systems has unfortunately become very commonplace in Higher Education and also Medical facilities.  Several NJ institutions have had such occurrences over the past two years.  On Sunday, November 13, 2022, WCCC became aware of unusual activity within our computer network. We took prompt action to secure our network environment and engaged leading independent cybersecurity and digital forensics experts to assist with our response and with the restoration process.

Students this semester have seen some of the changes with MS 365.  We will be using double factor authentication shortly as well.  Employees will be trained on new federal mandates related to the security of information

All systems have been restored and new security measures have been put in place along with new policies and procedures. All notifications of related to the breach have been made to both government agencies and to individuals who may have had personally identifiable information at risk. 

While we consider this matter now resolved, please know that WCCC will continue to put new procedures and equipment in place to make data even more secure.