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Spring 2021 Course Options

Warren County Community College will continue to offer the face-to-face, remote, hybrid, and distance education options in the delivery of instruction for the Spring 2021 semester, as the safety of our students, faculty, and staff remains important to us. While we continue to charter through uncertain times, one thing will not change--WCCC’s commitment to providing our students with quality instruction.

Warren County Community College Spring 2021 Course Delivery Options


WCCC will deliver courses in a variety of methods this spring. Classes will be offered as follows:

. Face-to-Face


These courses are taught on campus based on the days and times listed in the course schedule.


Students are expected to attend classes on campus for these sessions.


Course content, time, and rigor are the same as remote, hybrid, and distance ed sections.



These courses are taught virtually, using the GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar software, based on the days and times listed in the course schedule.


Students are expected to attend these virtual online class sessions at the times listed on the course schedule. Time directly online may vary dependent on the instructor’s use of MyWarren distance education. Please refer to the course schedule and the syllabus.


Course content, time, and rigor are the same as face-to-face, hybrid, and distance ed courses.


Students will need access to a computer with camera/microphone during the times listed in the course schedule.




These courses are taught in a combination of face-to-face, online, and remote activities.


Students are expected to come on campus for periodic class sessions based on specific days and times listed in the course schedule or as directed by the instructor. Students should refer to the  course itinerary. For some lab science courses and unmanned systems courses, students will attend lectures remotely using GoToMeeting and are expected to attend on campus labs during the scheduled sessions.


Course content, time, and rigor are the same as face-to-face, remote, and distance ed courses.


Students will need access to a computer with camera/microphone.


Distance Ed


These courses are taught fully online through MyWarren’s eLearning classroom.


Students are not expected to log on at any specific time. Assignments have weekly deadlines, but students have the flexibility to study and learn when they want. Students must participate in the discussion board in order to meet attendance requirements.


Course content, time, and rigor are the same as face-to-face, remote, and hybrid courses.


Students will need access to a computer.

Students should review all announcements in MyWarren, in the eLearning classrooms, and in their preferred email regularly for updates regarding classes and the fall schedule.  Syllabi and Cengage Unlimited textbook course codes will be available between Friday, January 29th and the first day of class. Classes begin on February 1st.


 Warren County Community College will continue to be guided by our state and local government leaders and public health agencies with respect to social distancing requirements. Warren County Community College has implemented general safeguards to be observed throughout all functional areas of the Washington Campus, located at 475 Route 57 West, Washington, NJ and the Phillipsburg Education Center, located at 445 Marshall Street, Phillipsburg, NJ.

Admissions Application
Students interested in attending Warren County Community College should complete one of the applications listed below.
    New Student Application  
Complete this New Student application if:
  • You are a new applicant to WCCC
  • You were a Senior Option student at WCCC and now wish to enroll in a degree program.
  • You were a Dual Enrollment student and now wish to enroll in a degree program.
    Re-Admit application  
Complete this Re-Admit application if:
  • You have attended WCCC previously as a credit seeking student

Registration is open for Spring 2021. We recommend that you register as soon possible so you are able to choose your preferred sections. We anticipate that courses will begin to fill quickly now that new students can also register. 

Click here to search for Spring courses.

If you are not confident choosing your courses, please contact an advisor in student services at 908-835-2300. 

Hi  Students! 


Here is some important information you will need in order to obtain your learning materials on Cengage.

  • Faculty post syllabi under each course You will need the Course Key from that Syllabus in order to activate your Cengage Unlimited.
  • Your MyWarren log on is as follows:  Username: Your WCCC ID#     Password-  mmddssss (2 –digit birth month, 2-digit birth day, last 4 of social security) .In some cases, the username and password might be the same.          

You will find “MyWarren” at the top of the WCCC website:   

  • New Students:  Go to My Classes in e-Learning.  Pull up one of your classes.  On the Syllabus page of your eLearning classroom in MyWarren, you will find directions for activating your Cengage Unlimited subscription and uploading all of your textbooks and electronic course materials into your Cengage Unlimited dashboard. Follow these directions very carefully. DO NOT try to register directly on the Cengage Unlimited Website.  
  • Returning Students: Those who already subscribed in the  Summer or Fall sessions will not need to re-activate or start a new account. If your subscription is past the 1 year mark, it will auto-renew when you sign in and upload your first textbook. 


Students who have questions, have problems accessing MyWarren, or who need assistance getting started should email Dr. Marianne Van Deursen: 

Please be mindful that WCCC may announce delayed openings, early closings, full day closures or other campus-wide emergencies. This is particularly common during the winter months. Click on the  "Emergency Notification System" on the WCCC Home Page to subscribe to this service (RAVE ALERT) to send email and text alerts to your digital devices.  

Please click the link below for more information:

ID and Password Information

Students and prospective students (as well as employees) will have access to this site.  In order to view your pages (beyond the admissions information), you will have to enter both an ID and a password, which is e-mailed to students.  If you forget the initial password, you can request a new password.  A random number/letter password will be e-mailed to your e-mail on file.

Students should reset the WCCC default password once they enter the system.  You can do this under Personal Information at top right hand side of this page.

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